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Topbait Plus 35g Syringe

Topbait Plus 35g Syringe

$32.00 inc. GST

Australian Made Topbait™ Plus Small Hive Beetle is a bait for the control of Small Hive Beetle. The gel bait is placed inside an APIS Small Hive Beetle Trap within the hive. Topbait™ Plus is a specially formulated bait to assist in protecting your beehives against Small Hive Beetle. The bait has been assessed and approved by APVMA and is a very effective control measure.

Small Hive Beetle

The Small Hive Beetle lives in beehives and pupates in the soil around your beehive when conditions are right, i.e. higher temperatures and plenty of rainfall.

A few beetles can generate large numbers over time and conditions. It is this reason beekeeping as we know it has changed forever. Weekly lid inspections to check your beetle traps and bait is crucial. Clean any propolised slots and clear baseboards if used.

How does it work?

When used in conjunction with our tested and well proven APIS Small Hive Beetle Trap, the bait assists the bees in forcing the Small Hive Beetle into the trap via small slots, too small for the bees to enter, to feed and become trapped inside.

How to use Topbait™ Plus

Place 1 gram of bait into the well in the centre of the trap. Close the trap ensuring the side pins and the locking bar are clicked into position, this will ensure the trap is securely closed. Place the traps in a corner of the top honey box, not in the centre

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35g Syringe, 4 pack