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Harmony Farm Uncapped (USA Made)

Harmony Farm Uncapped (USA Made)

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The Harmony Farm Uncapper design offers a simple and superior way for the hobby or sideline beekeeper to uncap honey.
The biggest advantage our uncapper offers is the time it saves. The beekeeper has only to grasp the frame once to bring the frame from the super to the extractor. Both sides of the frame are uncapped at the same time. All other methods of uncapping require re-positioning the frame and hands multiple times during the uncapping process. All other ways waste time processing every frame. We uncap and load our 30 frame extractor in just under 5 minutes.

 The uncapper is designed to work with all sizes of Langstroth frames, including shallows, mediums and deeps.
Some other advantages are:


  • There is no heat, electricity or sharp edges.
  • Wax waste is minimal, saving your bees the time it takes to rebuild the frame. This also saves you time since your honey strainer will be slow to fill with cappings.
  • The uncapper body is made from high density polyethylene and the rollers are cut on a CNC lathe from a solid piece of 2" aluminum bar stock. It is incredibly durable.The body protects the rollers from damage, even if dropped. I three years I have not had to replace my O-rings on my personal uncapper. If needed, replacing the O-rings is simple and they are easily purchased. We use #330 2 1/8" ID x 2 1/2" OD x 3/16 Diameter Buna-N 70 O-rings.

Note: Does not include the container to mount the Harmony Farm Uncapper