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Alcohol Wash Exotic Pest Testing Kit (Varroa)

Alcohol Wash Exotic Pest Testing Kit (Varroa)

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Exotic Pest Testing Kit is used to identify pests such as:  Varroa, Tropilaelaps & Tracheal Mites.

Alcohol Wash Instructions

Equipment Supplied:

1 x Container

1 x Mesh Insert

Additional Equipment Required:

Methylated Spirits (300ml per test)

Bee Collecting Item eg: Newspaper, Cardboard Manilla Folder


Bowl or Jug

Paper Towel or Filter Paper

Zip Lock Bag


  1. Fill Alcohol Wash Container with 300ml of Methylated Spirits.
  2. Standard Beekeeping practices to access Brood Frames
  3. Shake sample of bees off 3 to 4 brood frames and collect approx 300 bees in the mesh insert, place in container and screw lid on
  4. Turn the container on its side to roll & agitate the bees in the methylated spirits for 2 mins
  5. Upright the container and allow the methylated spirits to gather in the bottom of the container
  6. Remove the lid and remove the sample of bees
  7. Place a strainer on a bowl or jug and line with either paper towel or filter paper
  8. Pour the methylated spirits through the strainer to collect any exotic pests on the paper towel or filter paper.
  9. Check strainer sample for any exotic pests, leave sample to dry, once dry fold and store in a zip lock bag
  10. If exotic pests are sighted contact:

Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881 or Biosecurity QLD 13 25 23